Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflecting on... Time

Not an art post, sadly, but I am going to reflect on something. :)

I've been hearing a ton of 'oh, that's an excellent idea, I'm going to do that' when I show people this blog, or people see my submitted deviations. Why don't you guys?! It really is a good habit making little thing to do, to draw, like we've been born to!

I know that now-a-days we work more than ever, and it means we have to unwind more than ever, and that usually involves wasting time in front of the tv or xbox or what have you, and when we happen to glance over at our sketchbook, and wistfully think 'i should draw', a second later we find that we just can't muster up the urge to actually put pencil to paper or pen to cintiq.

Basically what I'm saying is, this is working for me, unwinding in a more practical self improvement way. It's taken some time to getting used to not playing Fallout or throwing on a dvd and going brain dead, but I seriously swear it's worth it! It actually makes you slip into drawing mode faster and faster each day.

And now, to my night-freelance job :P

My 4. Dark may be delayed by a day or two!

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